That Gratitude Attitude – The Class

 gratitude class 1The Gratitude Attitude Class

When: December 7th from 9am-1pm.
Where: Motivational Institute of Hypnotherapy 8969-A Complex Dr. San Diego, CA 92123
Advance Registration Required:
Registration Fee: $30
Join us for a 4 hour class on creating a daily practice of gratitude Learn the language, the psychology, the self-talk, and the other strategies for viewing the world and all your circumstances through grateful eyes. Learn exercises to refocus on the positive and to leave the negative thoughts behind. Using NLP, tools from her practice as an RMT coach, the latest though leader concepts in teaching gratitude, this will be a lively, fun, and positive experience to all who participate. Seating is limited. Please register and reserve your seat now. 

 gratitude class 3 Lin Laurie – Author of That Gratitude Attitude , and upbeat motivational speaker, Lin has been writing and creating a following for people who want to attract gratitude and all the good that is in the universe to their lives. She is a RMT life coach, trainer, and speaker who loves talking about gratitude and sharing her knowledge with others. Questions about the Class?  Contact Lin Laurie  Cell: 858-736-7121  Home/Office: 858-246-7347
 gratitude class 4 David Block – Dave is The Gratitude Guy and is the founder of GLADD.  It stands for: Gratitude, Love, Awareness, Determination and Devotion. He is also the leader of an Annual Gratitude Retreat at Deer Park Monastery and is becoming a thought leader whose focus is in creating a grateful planet.
Contact Dave Here
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Do You Know Your Job?

catch gratitude job

I lost my job. It was an emotionally wrenching experience as I went through a consistent pattern of emotional stages.  These included: denial, disbelief, outward anger, inner self-criticism, withdrawal, reflection and finally acceptance.

But once I experienced the end of this cycle, I discovered something amazing.

I was FREE!

I felt that I had been given an opportunity, a fresh start to explore a new field that I’ve always wanted to try but never had the time to, or to start a business, or go back to school.

What I decided to do first is reinvent myself by utilizing my special skills, knowledge and passion. This put me in a better space to allow me to: regain control and develop a routine, find a supportive network, help others along the way, use positive affirmations, make time to do something I love, exercise more often, and be ready for what lies ahead.

Sure, it feels scary to not have consistent income coming in to take care of basic living expenses. But at the time, when you’re constantly thinking, worrying, or analyzing, you aren’t in the moment. You are missing the goodness that lives around you instead of putting yourself in a place of suffering and a victim of circumstance.

Don’t you realize that life could be over for any of us at anytime!

So my advice while you continue to use your time to search for work or discover your life’s calling, is to live each day that we are given as a GIFT. A gift we must cherish and be grateful that we have another day to experience the beauty that is LIFE.

Thus, by expressing gratitude for what you have, you become a magnet attracting more things to be grateful for.

Think of gratitude like a flashlight. It lights up what is already there. You don’t necessarily have anything more or different, but suddenly you can actually see what it is. And because you can see, you no longer take it for granted.

Bill Belichick, head football coach of the New England Patriots, teaches a philosophy of “Do Your Job!” which means being prepared, working hard, paying attention to the details and putting the team first. I not only agree totally with him but would add to not only do your job, but know that your happy doing your job.

Remind yourself why you are here, why you are doing this job, and what you are getting out of it. Let us understand that all of us were created for a reason, a purpose for our existence. It’s not that you are a cleaner, or a garbage collector, or whatever you decide to do while you work on your dreams. It’s what you do during the journey, like being a planner, an achiever, and being courageous enough to do what has to be done to make sure your dreams happen.

I believe it is our obligation as human beings to share the goodness and passion in our hearts once we ourselves have discovered them. By doing so, more and more will do the same.  WE can inspire each other to reach further than we thought possible. WE can inspire each other to become more confident, loving, caring people with stronger desires to serve others who have yet to discover their greatness.

Although I am currently still seeking employment to make ends meet, I am blessed to have discovered my higher purpose as “The Gratitude Guy”. My job as a social entrepreneur and a visionary is to continue my  love affair with the new and unknown. I want to create opportunities for humans to grow and discover their highest self. For I see a new world, a changed world, a more grateful world. A world where humans are allowing themselves to express great love toward one another. A world that was intended for us by our creator.

So, do you know your job?

Here are a few questions to help you ponder this:

  • What inspires your soul and spirit?
  • What makes you feel wonderful?
  • What fulfills you?
  • What makes life seem blessed and extraordinary?
  • What justifies itself by making you excited to start the day?
  • What makes your community and the world better?
  • What recognizes and develops your potential?
  • What challenges you to grow, evolve and succeed?
  • What turns you into who you were meant to be?

Use your time right NOW to discover your passion, your gift, and share it with others. By doing so, you are setting up yourself for success especially when you add our greatest design within each one of us – the power of love.

With this empowering, unconditional feeling of LOVE, the magic of the universe starts to magnify in your favor, and the beauty of life is revealed to you.

If we only allowed ourselves to SEE this gift for what it is, our lives would be so much richer.


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Happy Birthday To YOU!

birthday celebration 2

As children we all loved our birthdays. Maybe it was the presents. Or chocolate cake with sprinkles. Or the party where we got to invite all our friends. Maybe it was because that day was about YOU and we loved the attention we received – it made us feel SPECIAL.

There was a certain excitement about growing up. To be taller. To be faster. To be smarter. To be more like our parents or role models. To get closer to being adults who got to do whatever they wanted to do.

But as adults, somewhere, somehow, we can lose that excitement to celebrate. Our life gets wrapped up in work, life and getting by. We have families, kids, illness, financial pressures among a million other things on our plates. So celebrating our birthday seems, well, a bit much. We’re either too tired, not in the mood, don’t feel like it, don’t want to make it a “big deal”, hate surprises, or we hate getting older so why celebrate at all? Sound familiar?

Every day just seems like another day. And yet, it is NOT. Because having birthdays reminds us that our TIME is ticking. We are NOT getting any younger. Our life on EARTH is passing us by.

It’s only natural to get reflective when you are fortunate enough to reach age milestones like 21, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100.

In fact, the older you get, the more important it is to celebrate your birthday.

It’s confirmation you have another day on this Earth to LIVE. The older you get, the more you’ve done. Take stock of your life and give yourself a huge pat on the back. You’ve done a lot!  Aging means you’ve had more time to LOVE and more opportunities and people to LOVE.

That’s wonderful!

When you celebrate your birthday, you are NOT celebrating your accomplishments, your achievements, the great things you have done in life, or the dreams you have fulfilled.

No, you celebrate your birthday because your life has VALUE apart from what you have done. You are worth celebrating, whether or not you’ve done something significant, special or great with your life. You have VALUE and DIGNITY and WORTH.

Because in celebrating your birthday, you are REMINDING yourself and reminding others that every life has VALUE. Every life is IMPORTANT. Every life is precious: yours, theirs, and the life of every human being on the planet.

Birthdays are a good reminder of what GOD has given us. For the miracle of birth is one of God’s greatest miracles and God’s greatest blessings.

So, feel grateful for having been loved and cherished as you count your blessings for what you have today.

Be grateful you have survived another year, surrounded by people who will celebrate with you, care about you and who love you.  Today, you have these people. Tomorrow, you may not. So, realize how many blessings have come into your life this year – one being YOU!

Happy Birthday to YOU, Happy Birthday to YOU, they say it’s your birthday, let’s celebrate the great YOU!


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See Through The Eyes Of Gratitude

catch gratitude eye leaf 2

I was standing in front of my bookcase at home looking for a book to read. I saw one that caught my eye, but it was on the top shelf and hard to reach. I stretched out as far as I could and managed to reach the book as I pulled it down quickly. But my force caused the bookshelf’s to come loose, as an avalanche of books began hitting my body.  I found myself laying on the floor, bloodied, with a pain that was intensifying. I tried to open my eyes but could not as everything remained pitch black. “Oh, my god, I’m blind”, I said to myself. I started whispering a prayer when all of a sudden I heard a familiar ring tone and was awakened. It was 6:30am, as my cellphone alarm goes off. Wow! I was just dreaming. But what a wake up call it was.

For I just realized just how quickly life can change. It can be in a matter of seconds. As I ventured out to do my daily errands, I noticed today that I am more aware of my  surroundings and the beauty of nature.  I cannot imagine how drastically my life  would have changed if this accident really happened. I am so grateful that I can  see, my eyes remain healthy and I continue to be blessed.

Because each day when the sun rises, you are given a CHOICE about how you are going to live that day. Will you allow myself to be grateful for what you have and make the most of it, or will you dwell in despair, and allow it to pull you into the BELIEF that whatever you might want to happen just can’t, or won’t?

There’s a gratitude exercise that instructs that you should imagine losing some of the things that you take for granted, such as your home, your ability to see or hear, your ability to walk, or anything that currently gives you comfort. Then imagine getting each of these things back, one by one, and consider how grateful you would be for each and every one.

When we are living life with great joy in our heart, powerful vibrations are being sent into the universe to guide us toward MORE of what we truly desire in life. By doing so, we allow ourselves to inspire each other to become more confident, loving, caring people with stronger desires to serve others.

No wonder gratitude helps you to be a little happier – you’re focusing on the good in your life even when things aren’t going great.

So, next time you are in the face of adversity, ask yourself: “What’s good about this?”, “What can I learn from this?”, and “How can I benefit from this?”

Remember: the more that you focus on the good, the more good will come into your life.



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Jump on the Catch Gratitude Bandwagon!

bandwagon 3

How can you Catch Gratitude?

You can: capture it; become suddenly aware of it; attract and take hold of; be affected by suddenly; grasp and hold on to; get aboard in time; make contact with and to grasp by the senses or the mind and to meet with.

CATCH GRATITUDE is a new fun, empowering way to live life on your terms by seeing the goodness that lives before us each and every day. When you share your emotions with others and encourage them to CATCH GRATITUDE, you are living in… a world that was intended by our creator. A world of unconditional love, open to any color, greed, sex, race, or religion. A world of pure love. A world of everlasting positive change.

Jump on the Catch Gratitude bandwagon!

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The Time is Now to Catch Gratitude


Catch Gratitude is about reaffirming the passion that lives within each one of us – the light of greatness that awaits its opportunity to shine.

Brightening someone’s day is so easy that I wonder why it is not done more often. It takes very little effort to show someone appreciation, but will mean so much to them. And to you as well!

The time is NOW to reconnect to the courage, passion, and wisdom of our unconditionally loving hearts and reclaim the greatness that lies within us.

If we all made that choice right here, right now, in this moment, we would wake up to a far different world tomorrow morning.

Allow your true self to reveal itself by becoming the gift that God had intended you to become.

The world and the universe thanks you in advance!


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Make Your Purpose Count


Life is full of many challenges. The key to overcoming these challenges is to keep moving forward. Leave your mistakes and regret in the past. They don’t define your value, then or now.


Replace self-limiting internal programs with newer beliefs that contain the real TRUTH about who you are capable of BEING.

Whatever you do, NEVER give up! You will reach your potential and fulfill your dreams if you remain grateful through the difficult times and faithful to the end.

The miracle of all this is that once you COMMIT to making change, you DISCOVER more abilities that you didn’t know you had. You also begin attracting the right circumstances and people in your life who BELIEVE in you and want to be around you.

Remember, our EGO feeds on fear, doubt and pain. The more we attach ourselves to our ego thoughts, the further we move away from our true self.

We can only manifest love, happiness and success when we are operating from our TRUE self.

Focus on the power of thought and intention by living with a grateful heart. This way we can only see what is good about our surroundings, our relationships, and our situation.

We were all put on this earth for a PURPOSE.

Make your purpose count!


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Be Ready to Catch Gratitude

catch gratitude - man in air

Life gives us what we get, as anything can be taken away at a moments notice. It’s up to us to use ‘what we get’ to the best of our ability, in order to have the most enjoyable life possible. Don’t let your disability or handicap DEFINE you. We are born with the gift to adapt and survive.

Remember, GOD doesn’t test us because HE doesn’t know how strong we are. Instead, he tests us because WE don’t know how strong we are and how much we can handle.

Being GRATEFUL, not only for every day, but for every moment of life we are given, GIVES BACK in so many beautiful ways.  The more grateful we are, the more content we are with life. The more content we are with life, the more it rubs off on others that you come in contact with.

It’s contagious!


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Learn to Catch Gratitude


When you CATCH GRATITUDE, you are capturing moments of LOVE and joy into your heart by empowering your existence on this planet.

And something really special occurs when you combine LOVE with GRATITUDE.

You create a formula that spells out the true meaning of life. You discover that LOVE is the emotion or the feeling and GRATITUDE is the action. As LOVE unlocks the heart, GRATITUDE opens us to the fullness of life. This then becomes the answer that all of mankind continuously seeks: “Happiness.”

Although it may not always be easy to show LOVE and GRATITUDE daily, when we do, there is always a beautiful ripple effect that occurs from it, whether we visually see it at that time or not.

As an additional bonus, our spirit knows what we are doing what we came here to do, and as this inner happiness expands we feel more comfortable, peaceful and confident as we start to satisfy our deep sense of purpose.

Share the LOVE!


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Pennies From Heaven


Do you pick up pennies off the ground when you see them?

If not, why not?

Do you know what happens when you see a penny and leave it on the ground because it’s not worth it to you to pick up?

The universe gets your message.  It hears, “Don’t bother trying to send me money.  If you do I either won’t notice it or won’t bother to pick it up.”

When you walk past free money lying on the ground you are blocking the flow of wealth.  In order to be wealthy you must be open to receiving money.  So when you walk past it as if it’s not worth your time to pick it up you are closing the door on financial abundance.

Speaking of abundance, do you want to know a secret?  And do you promise that you’ll tell?


That’s right! You Are Already Rich! You Were Born That Way!

The silver spoon was in your mouth on the day you were born.

What most people don’t understand is that wealth is an energy force. Every one of us can tap into this wonderful force whenever we like because it comes from a divine source of ABUNDANCE that is always available to us.

The fact is we are all born with access to this faucet of ABUNDANCE.

Just look at the eyes of a child, who can recognize riches when he sees them and claim them for him, without guilt or embarrassment. You, too, have this ability to reclaim your birthright and start living a prosperous, abundant life.

Turn it on and you’ll find that wealth manifests in your life in many different ways: You may have plenty of friends and family, a treasure chest full of ideas, abundant joy and enthusiasm, and any number of expressions of affluence.

But a major reason why most of us block the flow of wealth and ABUNDANCE is that we get stuck on the details of how it shows up in our lives. This blinds us to the creativity that the Universe has in store for us.

Give yourself permission to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings that have been blocking you and open yourself up to the gifts you were born with.

So, the next time you see a penny on the ground, PLEASE pick it up as you are reaffirming to the universe, “I see the money you are sending my way and I am grateful.”

Be thankful for these pennies from heaven.

Ironically, after I finished writing this post, I stopped at my bank and as soon as I opened the car door, I saw a shiny penny on the ground in front of me.

I just looked up and smiled!


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Don’t Quit!

catch gratitude - book

How often do we start moving in one direction, face opposition and then QUIT?

You had a great IDEA, you had tremendous PASSION, but once the real work came, you wore yourself out! It happens all the time to even the strongest willed people. They GIVE UP right before the good stuff IS about to happen.

You can finish first, you can finish last or perhaps somewhere in between but that doesn’t really matter. The most important thing is that you FINISH whatever you are doing.

In life there will be many people who try to pull you DOWN, and make you second guess your dreams. DON’T let them pull you down, the TRUTH is they just want you on the same level as they are. MISERY loves company!

You are a SPECIAL and UNIQUE individual. You WILL have your OWN success story, NO matter what your hardships may be. When you accomplish your goals and dreams you will be an INSPIRATION for others who are in SIMILAR situations.

And finally, no matter what situations you are in, it could always be worse. Be GRATEFUL for what you HAVE, and don’t WORRY about what you don’t. You will soon enough COMPLETE all your dreams and goals, but FOCUS on what you can DO to ACHIEVE them instead of what LIMITS you.


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